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20th Annual ivoh Summit

An annual gathering of creatives, thought leaders, change-makers, and trailblazing storytellers. This year’s focus is on “Restoring Community, One Story at A Time”.


Restoring Community, One Story At A Time

As journalists, photographers, filmmakers, artists, and creatives, we seek to tell stories that provide hope, build resilience and amplify unheard voices. These "stories with soul" capture the realities of those working to reclaim or rebuild their lives in the face of adversity. As storytellers, we don’t get many chances to explore how telling these difficult stories affects our inner well-being. It can leave us feeling angry, tired, and uninspired. This summit is designed to counteract those forces, while helping you reconnect with the importance of the work that you do. Throughout the weekend you will have a chance to find balance, connect with colleagues who share similar experiences, and revisit what brought you to this work in the first place.


Connect with Like-Minded Media Makers

The summit provides endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees, share new ideas, learn how to create stories of hope and resilience, and make an impact within the communities we serve and call “home”. You’ll connect with like-minded media makers who share similar experiences, participate in screenings and thought-provoking dialogue, and participate in expert masterclasses from inspiring speakers.


A Mindful Exploration

The silence and tranquility of Peace Village provides a space for self-exploration to consider the deepest meaning and mission of our work. The summit offers options for meditation, yoga, mountain walks, journaling, artistic expression and discussion — all aimed at examining how our inner state and thoughts affect how we tell stories and serve audiences. In the midst of inspiring activities, you’ll receive hourly reminders for periods of silence to reflect and restore your peace of mind.


Welcome to Peace Village

Thurs. June 20

Arrive at Peace Village Thursday afternoon, check into your room, and take a leisurely walk around the grounds to get to know your surroundings before the summit officially begins at 6pm. We'll gather in Inspiration Hall for a warm welcome to the ivoh Summit and an overview of the weekend. Then we'll enjoy our first delicious vegetarian dinner of the weekend, lovingly prepared by special vegetarian chef. After dinner, we'll be treated to a musical performance before heading off to sleep.


Reflection Day

Fri. June 21

This morning's program opens with a focus on the self — turning inward and reflecting on who we are when we’re at our best, connecting with the values that inspired us to do the mission-driven work in media that we've chosen to do. We'll hear talks from working media people who are seasoned meditators and engage in dialogue, journaling, yoga, reflection, and guided mountain walks.

Later in the day, we'll look closely at the link between our inner and outer lives, and especially at the inherent trauma that can come from our work in media and the challenging state of the world we live in. Our guide here is a trauma psychologist who’s experienced in working with communities and media all over the world.


Restorative Narrative Day

Sat. June 22

Saturday’s topic is Restorative Narrative, conceived and defined by ivoh and refined over the past 6 years, and the focus of a Fetzer Institute partnership for ongoing development and study. We'll start the day with a comprehensive introduction to Restorative Narrative, defining its core elements and how to incorporate it into your work to create stories that inspire, revitalize, and heal.

A diverse group of speakers and colleagues will dialog about their work and its impact of community. Through hands-on workshops and talks, we’ll identify and explore opportunities to apply these principles in your community.

You’ll leave with insights and motivation to tell the deeper stories of the people and communities that experience adversity and tap into their inner-strength and resilience to survive and thrive.

Retreat from the Working World and Plug Into Peace Village

Peace Village.jpg

Peace Village

The Brahma Kumaris’ Peace Village Retreat Center is an inviting oasis of mindfulness and relaxation. Surrounded by nature, explore the beautiful grounds nestled high in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

Stay Tuned for the Speaker Line Up announcement!

“The entire program was moving. You created an atmosphere of trust and safety. These environments are rarely visible in social scenes and nearly extinct in professional retreats.”

Lee Anne McClymont, Producer and Host, Courage Cocktail Radio Show


Who is ivoh?

Images & Voices of Hope (ivoh) is a diverse network of media makers who aim to elevate media as a force for good. We believe the stories we tell create the world we live in and that stories can restore hope and strength to communities. We practice dialogue and reflection to develop our capacity for telling these Restorative Narratives -- a term we coined to describe how people and communities are making a meaningful progression from a place of despair to a place of resilience. We gather in local groups, share stories on the web and social properties, give awards and support training and fellowships.

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“As a veteran of the newsroom and the classroom, I found the ivoh summit a perfect way to listen, absorb and learn different paths to storytelling and journalism and just about everything. The lessons and takeaways have stayed with me — in my own approaches to classes and my own approach to life. The creative energy and enthusiasm there was contagious. I loved being able to talk to artists, computer programmers and journalists. Unlike many traditional conferences, here was a place where everyone was all in: Engaged and connected. The summit was a terrific experience, both professionally and personally. “

Carol Zuegner, Ph.D., Associate professor of journalism at
Creighton University